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There are eight chapters in this game. Each chapter has its own importance in the game. While you follow the guide, keep in mind that there are some decisions that are very critical to get endings.

Chapter 1 - The Journey to El-Hazard


This is an introductory chapter, so it is not very important. It introduces the characters, including one that gives Fujisawa an interesting reaction…

If you want to read a semi-novelized version of the first chapter, click here. It isn't written in the same way as the Chapter, just to remind you.

Chapter 2 - The Search for the Girl


Makoto, Fujisawa and Ishiel have just arrived at Floristica. Now, you have some choices when you arrive. You could rest or start searching immediately. If you rest there will be drinking done overnight by Fujisawa an Ishiel. Fujisawa would be drunk, but at least she's happy… right? Before the first day ends, make sure you talk to everyone, no matter how redundant it gets. Remember to check out the Marketplace after visiting each area once. You will meet Ishiel there. Then, after looking around, you will see something is happening. There is a little girl being chased by thugs! You must decided whether or not you will try to interfere. This is where the first decision takes it toll. You might be able to stop them, but remember that Fujisawa is strong only when sober. Remember that it’s the thought that counts… except if you thought you shouldn't get involved. You may get fruit, which could become a necklace…

After the first day, Makoto and Fujisawa will wonder if they will find the mysterious girl that brought them to this world. Ishiel won't be downstairs. After heading for the tower again, you will find Ishiel. After muttering something, she goes off. The meeting begins and Makoto realizes that the girl was there! He gets nailed in the gut and he is left to hold the pain. Ishiel will try to help them further their goal, Fujisawa wants to further HIS goal. Unfortunately, she falls for Makoto. If you find something she might likes, she would thank you for it. After a small yet obvious revelation from Fujisawa, they leave for the palace.

Chapter 3 - The Roshtarian Palace


This is what you would call a "junction" Chapter. Once again, this chapter has no real effect to the story, but it certainly started to begin to get stranger right about here. As they are invisible, they can't be seen by anyone. They must find a girl in a palace. As they search, you may take different paths, but it's purely for enjoyment. Before finding your way to the girl, Fujisawa will go for more drinking. It turns out it was Rune, who freaks out when Makoto knocks over something behind him. She softens up when Makoto states that he wants to help. Fujisawa is also found, with a very drunk smile.

Chapter 4 - Assistance from the Other Three Priestesses


This is one of the most decisive chapters in the game. It starts outside of the palace. After an explanation about the weapon Ifurita, she will ask if you want to go after the weapon. This is a decision that will affect her feelings for you. After this decision, you will see the Eye of God and understand her nature of a trigger-happy person. When the night ends and the new day dawns, there will be a second decision that will continue to test her feelings for you. She will offer you an object that promises to bring two lovers together. You will get Alielle as a guide, the same girl that was being chased by the thugs.

Now that you start leaving for the tomb… oh wait! You don't know…. Alielle doesn't know… it's time to head back. Does Rune know? No. She figured that you got there already. You could correct her or not, it doesn't matter. She explains that you should ask for the assistance of the priestesses still working in their respected shrines. Now you will end up outside the palace. There is little point in asking around town, so you may want to just leave.

Now, there are choices ahead of you…

  1. The Shrine of Fire
  2. The Shrine of Water
  3. The Shrine of Wind

Depending on how you want to play the game, you need to visit the shrines in a particular order. Jinnai comes by twice in this chapter, so he will be at the top of things.

After you find Nanami, Rune wants to know why Nanami knows you. This will affect her feelings.

The Shrine of Water has two possibilities, either being sober and a "big hero" or being a drunk and "a guy who just came by". This will influence the ending you get.

You can get one of the bath scenes in this chapter.

When you get Nanami, you must reveal Galus. He won't be in Schtalabaugh's room, so you have to trick him. Rune can lead you to that point. She will talk to you about the Eye of God and asks your opinion on something. This is yet another part where you can make her happy or mad. You could also give her the necklace at this point if Ishiel didn't take it already. Galus will be waiting for you in the Royal Walkway.

Now when Afura is needlessly mad at you, you have the choice of getting a special item or a priestess there. It does not influence the ending you get. When all is said and done, you get a book that will take you to Ifurita.

Chapter 5 - To Stop a Demon God…


This is a relatively short chapter, but there is a load of preparation to do before leaving. You must decide on who you want to take with you. In this chapter, you can take almost anyone you want. Fujisawa, Shayla, Afura, and Ishiel can be taken along as "fighters". Rune or Alielle can be taken along as "guides". Nanami can't be taken along, though, because she will get you crushed quite nicely. Miz just won't leave the mainland. Remember that not every combination works. Some will kill you immediately. Others will linger on until the last minute. You need a strategy built upon a solid foundation before charging in there. Bringing either Rune or Alielle there alive will keep you going. Alielle and Rune have their own ideas of how to stop the weapon. Try both of them. Their ideas are certainly... interesting. When Ifurita is awakened, she asks who her real master is. There is no wrong answer here, as she takes Jinnai far away. Yes, you did screw up. Good job!

Chapter 6 - When the Going gets Tough, Unseal the Eye!


Jinnai has Ifurita. The land is in peril of destruction. Great job, Makoto! After stating that he sucked, Rune and the others try very hard to say that he doesn't. Now he has a new job - Get the Eye of God unsealed. Miz is not hard to convince. Shayla is a bit harder to give way to, since she asks for a fight. Fujisawa (under condition), Miz and Ishiel can fend her off. Be careful, though, a trap is waiting for you if Miz or Ishiel goes… Afura Mann will not budge an inch without any special… motivation. To ensure success, visit the inn, then have a party of Ishiel and Alielle. You will get the idea of what to do when you sleep for the night. Ifurita's tomb is now pretty much useless to you, but there may be something for someone if you look hard enough… if you get it, Ifurita will come.

The other bath scenes are available if you look for them.

There is also a special scene for people who are going for the Fujisawa ending…

Chapter 7 - The Revelation


The Eye of God has been unsealed. Rune has but one more question - Did you like the thing she gave you in Chapter 4? This will also affect her feelings. Ishiel says that you shouldn't feel bad if she leaves. Makoto wonders about this when he investigates the Eye of God. Phantom Tribe members are inside the Eye of God as well as Ishiel. Ishiel gets caught up with Galus' true plans and tries to stop him… only to fall down the hole.

Chapter 8 - The Conclusion


Ishiel is now on trial. After listening to all of their arguments, you must make a decision - let her go or lock her up. This is a serious decision that could make or break your game. After entering the Eye of God, it is one-on-one with Galus. What happens now is entirely up to what choices you made…

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