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How to Get the Three Priestesses' Ending

Makoto is such a stud! If you want to have three women clinging on him and arguing over who should lay him first, read on!

In Chapter 1 - This is a filler chapter, you don't need to do anything.

In Chapter 2 - Save Alielle while sober. Get the Fruit. Get the Necklace. Give Ishiel the Necklace.

In Chapter 3 - There is no important plot points in Chapter three.

In Chapter 4 - Be mean to Rune. Who cares how she feels? You need to come to Miz sober.

In Chapter 5 - Take along Afura Mann as your fighter.

In Chapter 6 - Get the Thingy. In the Ishiel/Shayla fight, shield Shayla.

In Chapter 7 - You were surprised when you got the object.

In Chapter 8 - Let Ishiel go. Give Galus a good stabbing! He deserves it!

Conclusion - Oh, Fujisawa, What Art Thou… Doing Leaving me with Three Horny Women?!

Galus laid on the floor as his blood spills out. "That… hurt… I guess you have guts kid… heh… burn in hell…" Makoto looked at the Thingy and threw it on the ground. "So that's what it does!" Makoto said. Fujisawa looked at Makoto. "What the hell were you thinking?!" Nanami freaked out. "What did you have?" Makoto ignored them, though. He wanted to be with someone else.

Rune watched as Makoto shot Galus through the chest. She ran up to Makoto and grasped him very closely. "Makoto… you truly ARE the Savior of our lands!" Makoto freaked out. "Whoa-oh, Princess!" She just held him tighter. "You stabbed somebody, just for me! What a gift! You saved me… But the Bugrom are still invading our lands! Savior Makoto, what shall we do?" Makoto looked at her. "Well… Princess…" Rune sniffed "My savior, what shall we do?"

Nanami was infuriated at what she saw. "Makoto! Stop what you are doing and get your hands off of her!" Fujisawa made a small grunt to Nanami. "Well, aren't you a responsible sensei? Stop them!" Fujisawa gave off a sly smile. "Why? They are obviously in L-O-V-E!" Rune continues her hug. "Savior, what should we do? Savior…" Nanami watched in the distance of 10 feet. "This is not fair… he fell in love with a PRINCESS!"

"Rune! Don't you remember? You are in the Eye of God! We need to blast the Bugrom into oblivion!" Makoto called out to her. "Oh…" Rune realized this as well. "Well, let's do it!" After a few minutes, the Eye of God decimated the Bugrom army, including Jinnai. Anyone who was outside a shelter would have said that the wrath of God came upon the Bugrom Army. After they finished this, Makoto landed the Eye of God on the ground. They got out and returned home. Fujisawa looked at Makoto. "What now?" Makoto looked at Fujisawa and said one thing, "Do you want to be with Miz?" Fujisawa looked at Makoto. "I'd rather live on a mountain the rest of my life. Maybe Londs would like that, too."

Miz stood on the edge of the tower in Roshtaria. "Mr. Fujisawa… where have you run off to? I'm so worried about you! I thought you would return to your one and only Miz Mishtal! I pray to the Gods that you will return someday…"

Makoto interrupts her as he tries to un-stick himself from some girls. "Afura… Ishiel… please… girls…" Shayla stood behind Makoto, trying to defend him (or get him, whatever comes first). "You heard him, you two! Come on, get off Makoto!" Miz cleared her throat. "Keep quiet, Shayla… I'm mediating…" She looked at them. "They are so lucky he is still here… Nobody is coming for Miz…"

Far away, on a high mountain, Fujisawa and Londs are together. "Did you figure being far away form society would do any good?" Fujisawa asked Londs. "Well, it sure beats being with annoying women." Londs responded. "Amen for that!" Fujisawa cheered. And they continued drinking.

"He said GET OFF!" Shayla yelled to no avail. Ishiel just smiled at her and said, "No, I'm quite comfortable being beside Makoto…" Miz only moaned louder. "Masamichi… please come back…" Shayla smiled and said to Ishiel, "You know, I want to have my time with Makoto, too…" Miz continued to whimper, "Mr. Fujisawa…" Shayla interrupted once again. "Aw, come on, you guys!" Afura smirked. "Oh, no. I'm keeping my spot with the baaaad boy over here." Shayla steps back. "Don't give me that crap! I want that spot now!" Miz couldn't hold it anymore as she started crying on the edge.

Fujisawa and Londs are still talking. "You know, Londs…" "What's that?" "You know that Makoto kid… what's his name?" "Makoto?" "Yeah! That's right! He's good and everythin', you know?" "Yeah…" "Too bad he's good with women, too… He could take them away just like that!" "I know that feeling!"

Ishiel leans against Makoto. "Heeey… I got a great idea, Makoto…" "Oh, no…" Makoto thought. "Come into my bed… it could be a lot of fun, huh?" "Please, Ishiel… be sane for me…" Makoto begged. Shayla yelled at Ishiel, saying, "No, you are doing it all wrong, Ishiel! Makoto doesn't like that!" Ishiel looked at her. "What do you know, huh Missy?" She sighed. "I received a beautiful gift from him. He just used himself as a human shield for you." She looked at Makoto. "I am obviously Makoto's favorite among the bunch." Shayla leered at Makoto. "Makoto… Tell her you don't like it! Tell her that I am your favorite! Say it, damn it!" Ishiel turned to Shayla. "Why would he even LIKE YOU? You broke his bones several times!" Makoto could only think of what they are planning for him…

Afura looked at the two yelling. "Oh, quit your yelling, you two." She wrapped her arms onto his. "This bad boy is just too much for you two to handle!" Shayla released her rage on Afura. "Would you quit calling him that?" Ishiel focused her rage on her, too. "I would like to know where in HELL you got that description!" Miz let out an aggravated yell. "Hey, lover boy! Would you get your ladies out of here and LEAVE ME ALONE?!" Shayla chuckled. "Just because Fujisawa ain't coming back does not mean you can take it out on us." Ishiel yelled at Shayla, "Don't make it sound like it's okay to invite her inside!" Afura looked at Ishiel. "It's obviously because he only wants me!" Miz yelled at the top of her lungs, "YOU'RE ALL JUST DRIVING ME CRAZY!"

Makoto took a deep breath and said, "If it makes you all feel better, I could take two of you at once, but not all three… I'm a man, but I can only give so much." All three hands raised up. He groaned. "Aw, nuts…"

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