EHPC/The Secret Files


Are you looking for those special "bonus scenes" that are strewn across the game? We know you do…

There are special scenes that can only be accessed under certain circumstances.


Rune Bath Scene - To see the Rune Bath Scene, give Rune the necklace (instead of Ishiel at the end of Chapter 2) during her speech about the Eye of God inside the Sanctuary. Go back in Chapter 6 to see the surprise.


Miz Bath Scene - To see the Miz Bath Scene, do NOT take Fujisawa in any condition to the Shrine of Water until you find Nanami in town. Get Nanami in your party and go to the Shrine before going to Arliman. You will find her there.


Shayla and Afura Bath Scene - To see Shayla and Afura together, you need to have seen the Miz Bath Scene first. Then, have all of the priestesses ready to unseal the Eye of God. Bring Ishiel, Nanami or Alielle along. Go to Arliman Springs.


Ishiel Bath Scene - To see the Ishiel Bath Scene, simply bring along Fujisawa and Alielle to the Arliman Springs after seeing the Shayla and Afrua Bath Scene.

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