EHPC/The World Guide of El-Hazard



Basics of El-Hazard

The land of El-Hazard is divided into two continents - Roshtaria in the west and the Bugrom Empire in the east.


Roshtaria is a peaceful country always filled with the constant problems that threaten the whole Alliance to split apart. The capital of Roshtaria is Floristica. Since this game is based in the Wanderers universe of El-Hazard, Rune is the ruler. At the young age of 17, she helps keep the country together. They rely on the priestesses for the ceremonies and as soldiers. What is really different about the Saturn/EHPC version is the amount of priestesses. The original series had three priestesses. In this version, there are four priestesses (one is on vacation).


On the other side of the river, though, the Bugrom Empire reigns supreme. Their strength is hard to match and the priestesses are required to be the front line soldiers in front of these menaces. The queen is Diva.

Technology of El-Hazard


The most prevalent technological object in Roshtaria is the Eye of God. A weapon of mass destruction, it has the ability to obliterate armies in one shot. Another piece of El-Hazard mass destruction weaponry is Ifurita. Despite being a much smaller size, Ifurita is nonetheless very powerful and can do damage herself. She tends to be very nice and would be hard to believe she is actually a weapon of mass destruction.

The Land of El-Hazard

The land of El-Hazard is comprised of several areas. If you have little idea of where to go, you could easily get lost and end up getting a game over for wandering aimlessly. Remember these areas and plan before you venture on.


Springs of Arliman - This place serves no real purpose in this game, but it gets you a shot of girls bathing. Who wouldn't want to see that? The time it takes to get there is extremely long and is not recommended unless you know what you are doing next.


Floristica - The Capital of Roshtaria, Floristica is the first area upon arrival of El-Hazard. A place of information and one of the pivotal points of your adventure, Floristica is certainly an important area in the game. Rune (sometimes), Fujisawa, Ishiel and Alielle can be picked up here.


The Bugrom Empire - Being across the river, the Bugrom Empire is not accessible under normal circumstances. In fact, you can reach there only if Katsuhiko Jinnai captures you. Let's hope you have good connections to someone while there…


The Tomb of Ifurita - The resting-place of the weapon Ifurita, this is one of the main objectives in your quest. After Ifurita is resurrected, it would seem that the area has little or no use, but if you look around, it may have something for you…


The Shrine of Water - The Shrine of Water is the central pipeline of all the water being outputted to Roshtaria. Though Jinnai invades the area once, most of the time it is rather quiet. The lonely (read desperate) Priestess of Water Miz Mishtal can be found here. You can also pick her up, under condition…


The Shrine of Wind - The Shrine of Wind is essentially a huge library. Housing a load of books, it would seem that the priestess would know how to get them home. Unfortunately, Afura Mann, the Priestess of Wind, has an attitude problem and certainly does not want you around. You can pick her up, but not immediately.


The Shrine of Fire - The Shrine of Fire is… the Shrine of Fire. Jinnai, though, seems to like the place as he invades the area twice. Shayla Shayla, the Fire Priestess, resides there. You can pick her up, but only at certain times…


The Shrine of Nature - The Shrine of Nature… is currently out of season. While it is in season, it deals with keeping the land fertile for farmers. The Priestess Ishiel wanders around the land during the off-season.

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