El-Hazard Radio Drama: Jason's Summaries


Episode 1 - Annai no sekai El-Hazard

Welcome back to the magnificent world of El-Hazard! How have you been? Rune Venus tells us how things have been going for her kingdom since they were nearly all destroyed by the Phantom Tribe.

Things are going well as the Bugrom appear to no longer be a threat and life is returning to normal. Nanami has opened her own business and Makoto spends his time searching for a way to bring back his beloved Ifurita. Elsewhere, there appears to be a blossoming romance between Mr. Fujisawa and Miz Mishtal.

Not everyone, however, is content. It seems that Princess Fatora has a very nasty itch and she would like to get Shayla-Shayla or Nanami Jinnai or both to scratch it. The hot-blooded princess asks her loyal concubine about these luscious redheads. Alielle tells her that they unfortunately have the hots for Makoto Mizuhara.

That dirty bastard! Figures that he would get the girls she has her eye on and he did it using her beautiful face... Hmmm... It seems that Fatora has a hatched a plan most devious. She asks Alielle for a pair of scissors.

Much to Alielle's horror, her mistress Fatora begins to cut off her own hair, leaving it short like Makoto's. Fatora confides that the best way to get these beauties to become the wolf in sheep's clothing as it were...

First victim in this great experiment is none other than Nanami Jinnai. Nanami runs up to Fatora, thinking that she is Makoto and asks why her friend has summoned her. Fatora is quick to proclaim love for the confused teenager and she quickly moves fast to consummate that love...

However, Nanami will have none of that and she sees though Fatora's ruse. She storms off, leaving Fatora to ponder her failure. Oh well, there's still...

Victim number two! Come on down Shayla-Shayla!!! Fatora's trickery seems to go much better that before, due to Shayla's romantic inexperience and her lack of knowledge about Makoto. Fatora even manages to lay her lips on the sweet, sweet lips of Shayla.

Too bad the real Makoto had to stumble upon the whole thing and ruin it. When Shayla sees the second Makoto, she realizes, too late as it were, that she had been tricked... and out of her precious first kiss as it were! Somebody's gotta pay and Shayla elects anybody within 100 feet of her as she starts torching everything in pure blind rage, forcing every princess, concubine, and high-school student to fend for their own survival.

While Shayla is busy trying to flambé a randy Princess, Miz and Fujisawa share a romantic evening... of drinking heavily. Or rather, Fujisawa has decided to spend his evening that way. That's fine with Miz, because a drunken Fujisawa is a happy Fujisawa and a happy Fujisawa is, with a little prodding, an agreeable Fujisawa! It looks like Miz has gotten her man to ask her to marry him, more or less, before passing out for good. Miz is quite pleased nonetheless.

The next morning, Fujisawa wakes up feeling refreshed and happy. Who should greet him but Dr. Schtalubaugh. Schtalubaugh congratulates Fujisawa on the good news. Fujisawa is slightly confused. What good news?

Makoto arrives and also delivers his congratulations. Again, Mr. Fujisawa wants to know what everyone is talking about. They tell him that they're happy for him and Miz's engagement. Oh! His engagement... His WHAT?!? Engagement?!? It looks like Mr. Fujisawa has just gotten himself into some big trouble now...

Episode 2 - Toubou no sekai El-Hazard

So what has good ol' Jinnai been up too lately? Well, him and Diva have the enviable task of trying to reconstruct the Bugrom empire. It is going very slowly. However, there may just be something of value where they're constructing their new hive. Could it be a powerful weapon?

Who should happen to show up but Jinnai's loving sister. Is she delivering an invite to the wedding of his teacher? (I dunno, but I can't think of any other reason why Nanami would be there.)

Back at the Fujisawa residence, Miz is so excited about her wedding that she can't keep still. Fujisawa seems less excited (more like apathetic.) The wedding is only a short while away, how will he get out of this?

As Makoto strolls along, whom should he see but his sensei trying to discreetly leave town. Makoto asks him about Miz, but Fujisawa is adamant on leaving and runs away, leaving Makoto to deal with the prolem.

Makoto muses about his plight, while Miz and the other priestesses prepare for the wedding. Makoto wants to tell someone, but a promise to his sensei is sacred...

Night comes around and the wedding is on! But where is Fujisawa? Oh, he left town... He what?!? Miz isn't too pleased to hear this and Makoto's explanations don't improve her mood at all.

Miz begins to giggle and then cackle maniacally. Shayla and Afura know that this is a bad sign and prepare for the worse. Miz furiously explodes and drenches everyone in a flood...

Episode 3 - Sousaku no sekai El-Hazard

It looks like things are looking up for Jinnai! Right where they are building, there is evidence that there was another demon god, just like Ifurita! At last, victory is his! If he only knew where it was...

Meanwhile, at the palace, Miz has locked herself in her room. Rune offers to send a search party after Fujisawa, but Miz is determined to find him herself and immediately recruits Afura and Shayla to join her. After which Makoto, Alielle, Fatora, and Nanami offer their own services. With a less that enthusiastic battle cry, the Fujisawa search party has been formed.

Later, the group finds themselves searching the mountains, which would be a good place to search for Fujisawa. What's this? An empty sake bottle?!? Miz is hot on his trail!

At the Bugrom base, Jinnai learns that the others have left Roshtaria. It's obvious that they must also know of the new demon god and they are trying to beat him to it! Jinnai is not one to be beaten to his prize and he leaves to claim the demon god as his own.

Fujisawa, meanwhile, is enjoying his freedom. Nature is so lovely when one is a free man. Fujisawa then stumbles upon a shack in the mountain. Inside, a cute girl welcomes him in...

Episode 4 - Saikai no sekai El-Hazard

Looks like this little shack is a mountain bar! The cute girl eagerly welcomes Fujisawa inside. It seems that Fujisawa is the first customer she has had in three years!

Three years all alone? The girl came to work as a waitress some ten years ago, but the master of the bar died seven years ago. She kept the bar open as a promise to her boss. Fujisawa then orders all the sake in the house and proceeds to party down. He then drinks every drop in the shack and goes to sleep.

Up in the mountains, Miz and the others must camp for the night. The mountains are cold and everyone is frigid. Fatora offers that everyone share body heat and has her eye on someone very warm... Shayla-Shayla! That is Shayla doesn't much agree with. Meanwhile Miz wishes that she would find her missing fiancé.

The next morning, Fujisawa awakes and prepares to get on his way. He pays for his drinks, only to find that his Roshtals are no good there. Uh-oh! It looks like Fujisawa will have to work off his debt at the bar. But if he's the first customer they've had in three years, how long will he be stuck there?!

Fujisawa has other ideas and proceeds to sneak out the bathroom window and make his getaway. The girl doesn't like this and proceeds to chase down the deadbeat... by flying after him!!! Fujisawa is shocked that she rides a large staff, like a witch rides a broom. Finally, the girl tackles him...

Who should walk in on the scene right then and there but Miz. Miz is extremely upset that Fujisawa has another girl. Fujisawa tries to plead his innocence, but Miz explodes once again.

Jinnai is most upset! It looks like the others have gotten to his prize first, but he's not gonna give up yet. All he needs is a plan...

Episode 5 - Konton no sekai El-Hazard

Jinnai is plotting. Him and Katsuo/Grouhco need a most devious plan to get to the new demon god, because the others easily outnumber and outpower him.

Suddenly, Jinnai encounters a mysterious girl. She calls herself Myuun, and then informs Jinnai that he is not what she needs as he is too weak. She then vanishes, leaving Jinnai very confused.

It looks like Fujisawa will have to face the music. After managing to clear his name with the mysterious girl, Miz still wants to know why he ran away. Afura leads Shayla away so the engaged couple can be alone.

The others, meanwhile, are talking to the girl. It turns out she is a demon god, much like Ifurita, but her name is Ifurina. Apparently, the Ifurita demon gods were very powerful, but hard to control, thus a less powerful demon god was made (I guess you can call her a Demon God Light.)

Fujisawa needs to clear his head and thus searches for the bottle he dropped when Ifurina was chasing him. Suddenly, Myuun appears and tells him that his body is perfect for her needs. She then proceeds to possess his body.

The others hear Fujisawa's screams and run to investigate. They find him unconscious. A storm appears to be approaching and they need to get Fujisawa out of the rain. The others ask Ifurina where her house is, but it looks like she's gotten lost herself.

Nanami tells the others to take Fujisawa to the house she saw. What house? Nanami says there is a house, and with her ability to see through illusions, maybe there is one. They follow her.

Once they walk inside the doors, everyone now sees the palace that Nanami was talking about. Inside, there are several great machines and ancient technology. This is very unusual.

Suddenly, Ifurina faints. Has she run out of power? Fatora tells the others to let her wind her up, but Shayla is convinced that is a bad idea. It doesn't matter much as a mysterious woman enters the chamber.

She is curious to know how they found her palace, as she had kept it hidden. She then informs everyone that she must imprison them for trespassing. Shayla doesn't take kindly to that and decides to defend her position.

The woman, however, easily blasts Shayla with some mysterious power of her own. She then tells them that she is called Salli...

Episode 6 - Hametsu no sekai El-Hazard

Salli leads her prisoners to the cells in her palace. She informs them that she cannot let anyone know of this place as people who come here might be possessed by Myuun, a malevolent spirit who wishes to destroy El-Hazard.

Salli explains that during the great wars 20,000 years ago, El-Hazard suffered great damage. The palace they are in now was built with the purpose of returning El-Hazard back to its past ecosystem. The machines purify the air and the water. Salli must protect the palace at all costs.

Salli then puts the others in their cell. A force field activates and Salli leaves, explaining that she must destroy Ifurina, for her kind was created to destroy El-Hazard.

Inside the cell, Shayla wants to blast her way out, but Afura is quick to point out that the force field would reflect her blasts and would more likely kill them.

Suddenly, Fujisawa awakens and proceeds to start shaking the bars of his cell. The others ask him what he is doing, but it is Myuun who answers. The spirit tells them that she will use Fujisawa's body to destroy the machines in this palace and thus bring about El-Hazard's destruction. Using Fujisawa's strength, Myuun escapes the cell and leaves.

Sirens go off everywhere. Jinnai is inside the palace and seeing the unconscious demon god, he uses her staff to wind her up. Much to his delight, the girl tells him that she is Ifurina and that he is now her master... Great...

Salli, rushes to the cell where Fujisawa/Myuun escaped. Salli informs them that Myuun is a spirit and cannot be destroyed, but she must possess a host. If the host is destroyed, Myuun will be thrown out of the palace. Salli's mission is clear. Fujisawa must die.

The others will not accept this and they face off against Salli. Shayla and Afura tell the others to go ahead and stop Fujisawa, while they fight Salli and keep her from killing Miz's Husband-to-be.

The others rush off and the battle begins...

Elsewhere, Fujisawa talks to Myuun from inside his mind. Fujisawa wants to stop her, but Myuun taunts him, telling him that there is nothing he can do while she uses him to destroy El-Hazard. Dark and evil voices angrily cry out...

Episode 7 - Shumatsu wa no sekai El-Hazard

The battle between the priestesses and this protector named Salli is in full swing. Salli tries to sway the priestesses by informing them if they don't kill Fujisawa, all life will end on El-Hazard. Shayla and Afura will have none of it and they are convinced that Miz and Makoto will be able to stop him without killing him.

Salli then decides that talk is worthless and proceeds to toast Shayla and Afura, but who should burst threw the wall, but Jinnai and Ifurina! Jinnai is quite happy and wants to gloat about his impending victory... but where is Makoto? Oh well...

Salli proceeds to inform Jinnai that his demon god will be destroyed by her for she was part of the group that destroyed El-Hazard. Jinnai doesn't like that much and refuses to let anybody destroy his playthings. Jinnai orders Ifurina to attack, but the demon god begins to cry.

Shayla and Afura use this distraction to attack Salli and try to defeat her...

Elsewhere, Makoto and the others rush after Fujisawa. However, the palace defense systems are very dangerous. Makoto asks Alielle, Fatora, and Nanami to leave while he and Miz go ahead. Makoto may just have a plan.

Meanwhile, using Fujisawa's strong body, Myuun is able to pass through the defenses only slightly worse for wear. Finally, Miz and Makoto reach him and plead with the spirit to leave Fujisawa's body. Myuun refuses, saying that she will use his body to get to the center of the palace.

At the center, Myuun leaves Fujisawa's body and enters the machines. Miz and Makoto catch up, but a defense system goes to attack Fujisawa. Miz rushes to protect him and takes the blast herself. Fujisawa rushes to her side and is worried about his fiancé, but she is only unconscious.

It looks like Myuun has started to sabotage the machines. It is a matter of time now. The palace begins to shake. Shayla and Afura feel it, as well, and Salli informs them that this is the beginning of the end for all of them...

Episode 8 - Saisei wa no sekai El-Hazard

Once again, our gang has gotten themselves smack dab in the middle of an apocalypse. They really need to stop doing that. The palace is shaking and thunder and lightening tear through the sky. Is this the end for our heroes?

At the center of the palace, Fujisawa tells Makoto to take Miz to safety. He plans to use his strength to destroy the machines and stop the destruction. Makoto informs his teacher that will not work and that he wills stop the devices himself by synchronizing with them. Fujisawa is worried that Myuun may stop him, but Makoto has no choice. He then enters the center of the device.

Inside the machine, Makoto encounters Myuun. He informs her that he plans to stop her, but she says it is too late. The spirits that reside inside her, the ones who were destroyed by the Eye of God 20,000 years ago demand El-Hazard's destruction.

Makoto doesn't feel that is a good enough reason. Myuun informs him that she knows what has happened recently. The reactivation of the Eye, the reawakening of Ifurita, she saw them from inside Fujisawa's memories. The planet has finally begun to recover after 20,000 years, but humans are driving it towards destruction again. Humans live to destroy themselves, so she will give them what they want.

Makoto refuses to accept that and uses his power to force Myuun out. The voice of the angry spirit moans and screams as Makoto returns the machine to normal. It looks like Myuun has been vanquished.

Makoto and Fujisawa watch the machine return to normal and proceed to return to their friends.

Elsewhere, everyone notices that the shaking has stopped. Everyone is surprised and shocked that they are still alive. Jinnai thinks this is a good opportunity to leave with Ifurina. The pair rush off, content to fight another day...

Salli is surprised to see Makoto and Fujisawa return with Miz, just like Shayla said they would.

Afura asks Salli that now that Myuun has been destroyed, would she return with them to Roshtaria. Salli declines, saying that her place is here in the palace, protecting the restoration technology. Her ancestors destroyed El-Hazard, and no matter how long it takes, they will restore the land to what it once was.

With that, the others leave and the palace disappears again.

Back in Roshtaria, everyone prepares for another attempt at the wedding. Too bad Fujisawa has left town AGAIN! Miz cackles maniacally and informs her runaway betrothed that no matter how far he runs, she will hunt him town to the ends of El-Hazard. Looks like the search party is back on...

In the mountains, Fujisawa continues on the lam. Will Miz ever catch him, who knows?

Bonus CD-Only Episode - Gekijo Josou no sekai El-Hazard (World of Dressing as Girls)

Makoto is enjoying a relaxing day, only to learn that he may just be the victim of yet another plot by Fatora. It looks like the Princess has replaced all his clothing with hers.

Without a thing to wear, and Makoto can't very go around naked, he puts on some of her things and hopes to find some new clothing elsewhere in the palace.

Too bad, it seems like he can't go two steps without running into someone. Not wanting everyone to think he's a perverted cross-dresser, Makoto tries to pass himself off as Fatora, which only gets himself into more trouble, especially with Shayla, who still wants to fricassee the princess for whatever she did the last time...

Makoto's search for clothing is not going well and now everyone is searching for him! Makoto tries to keep hidden, but as luck would have it, Jinnai, Diva, and Ifurina show up to cause problems...

Just as everyone else manages to show up and learn that it was Makoto in the dress the whole time. See, one lie can lead to another, and that always leads to trouble...

Shutuensha Comment

The cast of El-Hazard introduces themselves to the audience and says their "thank you's." Uh-oh, did Rio Natsuki just call herself Nanami Mizuhara? I wonder how Tomo Sakurai will take that...

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