El-Hazard Radio Drama: Tim's Guides


The following are excellent summaries written by Tim using both the literal translation summaries and simply listening to each drama track from beginning to end!

Day 1 - Annai no sekai El-Hazard (Planning a Wedding in El-Hazard)

It starts out stating that Ifurita saved El-Hazard from ruin, and the Bugrom Empire is in ruin.

Fatora and Alielle are discussing why Makoto gets all the ladies and she does not. She decides that she should impersonate Makoto to get the women she wants. The first victim is Nanami. It does not work well, because Nanami can see through any kind of disguise. Besides, Makoto would have not behaved that way. She still wants to get a girl somehow…

Fatora decides to go after Shayla Shayla. She gets to kiss her on the lips, much like El-Hazard 2. When everything seemed to go in Fatora’s favor, Makoto steps in. There is hell to pay, and Makoto will be in the center of it.

In the night, Fujisawa has been loaded with alcohol (indicated by the slurring of his voice). Miz decides to pop up the question about marriage. Singing a short portion of the intro song, they get into a discussion about marriage and he said yes before he falls asleep.

Waking up from the night, he remembers about drinking last night. Schtalabaugh steps in and congratulates him getting married. Fujisawa goes, "Huh?" He tries to think of why Schtalabaugh is saying he is getting married. Makoto came in and Fujisawa asked him about what the hubbub is all about. Makoto explains that Miz has been telling everybody that she was getting married to him. Fujisawa calls him an idiot. He starts babbling to himself trying to think of why Miz is saying he said yes. Then he remembered that he was drunk last night. He calls himself an idiot.

Day 2 - Toubou no sekai El-Hazard (An Escape in El-Hazard)

Jinnai is scheming as usual. He talks to Diva about how the Bugrom could rise again one day and take over the whole land. Jinnai wants to search a land to defeat Makoto, who he blames about the travesty that hit the Bugrom Empire.

Nanami likes the idea that Fujisawa is getting married, but he is refusing the fact that he said yes under legal terms. She is planning for the whole ceremony, while Fujisawa is protesting this idea.

Miz starts talking to him about the marriage. He just agrees half-heartedly. She is real happy about how she is finally getting a husband. He agrees half-heartedly again, saying he is happy monotonously. Then, she starts talking about the few "changes" he going to need to make in his life. He is shocked at her proposal. Getting married is one thing, but changing his lifestyle? Things don’t bode well with Fujisawa.

Makoto woke up on the wedding day, thinking how amazed he is that Fujisawa is getting married to Miz. He heard rustling outside. Fujisawa is whispering to Makoto that he will not be attending his marriage. Makoto wants to know why, considering how excited Miz is. Fujisawa doesn’t believe he is ready for this. With that, he ran off. Makoto is shocked and upset about Fujisawa’s decision. Nanami tries to cheer Makoto up without understanding the problem. Miz is exicited, Shayla is excited. Makoto can’t believe Fujisawa’s decision.

They begin the final preparation. Schtalabaugh states that Miz is the bride and Shayla and Afura is helping in the marriage (bride maids, perhaps?) When Schtalabaugh calls out for Fujisawa, he does not show. Miz starts to worry. The door opens and Alielle calls out that Fujisawa has gone missing. Miz cannot believe the news. Her Masamichi? Missing? Makoto then begins to explain what happened to the teacher. Miz won’t take the news well.

Day 3 - Sousaku no sekai El-Hazard (The Search in El-Hazard)

Jinnai seemed to be subduing a laugh, and Diva wonders why. He explains to her how he has a lead that could help the Bugrom Empire. Diva is worried that the Eye of God is going to fire at them again. Jinnai is not very concerned about that, as revenge sounds pretty sweet right now, and Ifurita is the one to help him do it. They both seem happy. Now where is she?

The marriage is ruined. Miz is locked up in her room. Makoto knocked on the door and asked to come in. She is asking if Fujisawa has been found. They don’t know where he is. Miz is not going to take this. She asked Afura and Shayla to come along. Then Makoto comes. Then Nanami. Then Fatora and Alielle. Now they are all going on the trail to find the missing Sensei.

The obvious place to look for him is in the mountains. Fatora is hoping to find some leeway into one of the girl’s hearts while she is up here, but Alielle is less than enthusiastic about the idea. Makoto just wants to know why Fujisawa left them behind like that. Alielle then finds a useful clue – A Sake Bottle. They must be getting close. Then Miz (who else could it be?) gets pissed and starts charging up the mountain. She is not happy.

Jinnai just got news that Makoto has left Roshtaria. In his mind he has concluded that Makoto is after Ifurita as well. Jinnai is not happy. He picks up some of his Bugrom and plans to leave immediately. He yells that Ifurita should be his. Diva hopes that Jinnai can get to Ifurita first.

Fujisawa is drinking plenty of sake. He is reflecting about all of the people he is leaving behind. Reflecting on all the people he has hurt is causing him to be quite upset. He finds a house up there. Fujisawa asked if anyone was inside. A girl called out.

Day 4 - Saikai no sekai El-Hazard (Reunion in El-Hazard)

We go back to Fujisawa calling out for someone. A girl called out. He wonders why a girl is here. She states this is a drinking place. With Sake. That’s all he needed to hear. He learns that he is the first customer in three years. She worked as a waitress at first, but the previous owner died seven years ago, so she took over to keep it running like he asked her. He got his sake. He’s out for the count. She is trying to wake him up.

Well, they didn’t find him yet. So, the search party has set up camp to sleep for the night. Miz is still upset about Fujisawa’s absence. It was freezing out, so Fatora states that they should try to stay warm by holding onto others. Perfect chance to hold on to Shayla, right? Nanami can’t believe that THIS is their search party. Makoto agrees. Miz is worried.

It is morning and Fujisawa just got up from his night of binge drinking. She asked for her money. Fujisawa pays her. She asked what it was. Fujisawa thought it was a joke and said that it was money. She says that this does not look familiar to her. He is confused. It’s Roshtarian currency, right? She tells him that he is outside of Roshtaira, thus rendering his money useless. If you can’t pay the tab, he would have to work for her. Fujisawa says that he needs to use the bathroom. Locking the door behind him, he jumps through the window. He is not going to work at a store, waiting years for the next person. The girl is upset at the response. She picks up a rod and goes after him. From the air. Fujisawa panics. The girl is flying? They are having an argument about the whole situation when she trips up and they both get sent tumbling down the mountainside. She latched onto him, saying that when he pays her, she will let him go. Then… Miz screams. Fujisawa panics again. Miz is up here as well? While he’s in this position? She’s broken up. Makoto can’t believe the sight as well. Fatora insults him and Fujisawa keeps yelling that this is all a misunderstanding. Afura and Shayla try to calm Miz down, but to no avail as she combusts in her rage.

Jinnai just arrived at the scene and is upset as he sees that Makoto has found Ifurita first. He decides not to fret because he is going to steal her off of them.

Day 5 - Konton no sekai El-Hazard (Chaos in El-Hazard)

Jinnai is scheming again. He wants Ifurita, but how? He certainly does not have the Bugrom force he used to have (don’t forget Fujisawa is down there). He must use a different kind of strategy for this. Then, some electricity starts sparking behind him. Katsuo immediately knew something was happening behind them, but Jinnai was too focused on how to get Ifurita. Katsuo yells that someone is behind him. Jinnai tells him to shut up. Then, he sees the person. He asked, "Who are you?" The person says that she is Myune. Jinnai never heard of her. She states that, for the purposes she had in mind, Jinnai’s body is not good enough for the job. Then she disappears, right in front of him.

Miz is still upset over the situation. Fujisawa tries to explain why this girl was latched on to him. Then Miz asks why Fujisawa ran off. Was it because he did not want to marry her? Shayla was dragged off by Afura to give them some time to talk about it.

Makoto starts to talk to Ifurina (no, it’s not a mistype) about who she is. She is part of the same line that Ifurita was born in. Ifurina is not as powerful as Ifurita, but the basic keystaff system is still there. Makoto has Ifurita on the mind.

Fujisawa decides that he needs to get more of the drink into his system. Looking around on the ground, he finds his bottle, when electricity starts sparking in front of him. He was quick to notice it. He is shocked to see a girl in front of him. She starts saying that his body is perfect for her mission. He wonders what kind of mission was this. Before he could get any kind of answer, she "zaps" right into him, causing him to scream bloody murder. Miz is the first one to find him. He is unconscious. A storm starts brewing. Makoto says they should get into some shelter to wait for him to wake up. They would stay at Ifurina’s place… but she has no idea where it is. Nanami says she knows where a mansion is, but no one else can see it. After initial criticism, they decide that Nanami does see something they don’t, so they check it out.

Makoto asked how Fujisawa met up with Ifurina. She said drinking. Nanami went ahead and opened the door. The palace then was revealed to them. A great amount of machinery was strewn out all around them. Ifurina collapsed, as she has expelled all her energy. (According to the site that gives a synopsis of the episode, Fatora wanted to wind her up, but Shayla says that is too dangerous). Then some footsteps are heard. A woman approached the crew. Alielle seems to like her. She deemed them intruders in her palace. Makoto tries to explain that they are from Roshtaria and they needed a place to stay. The woman was surprised that they even saw the palace. It was cloaked under special illusion tricks. So there was no choice but to lock them up. Shayla goes to attack her, but the woman disposes of Shayla in one shot. She asked what her name was. The woman said her name was Sallia.

Day 6 - Hametsu no sekai El-Hazard (The Ruin in El-Hazard)

As Sallia is leading the group to their cells, she explains why she is locking them up. There is a ghost spirit by the name of Myune, who wishes nothing else then to destroy El-Hazard. She has been the only one who has successfully found her palace when no one else was supposed to. This palace was built after a great catastrophe hit the planet 20,000 years ago. It allowed the water and air to be purified and helped make the planet habitable for human life. She locked them all up in the cell, but kept Ifurina, saying that she needs to be destroyed because the Ifurita series was built for destruction. Makoto didn’t like the idea, but he could not do anything. Shayla wants to blast the bars, but there was a force field around the cells. Fujisawa finally regained consciousness, and everyone was overjoyed… until he started banging against the cell door. He broke out, saying that he is not longer Fujisawa. The plan was to break the machines, thus killing off El-Hazard as they knew it.

Jinnai just broke into the palace when the alarms go off. He was going to snatch Ifurina and get out. He finds her and gives her a few good cranks with the staff, overjoyed that Makoto is not around to stop him. She greets him and tells him her name is Ifurina. He said Ifurina should be like Ifurita. Ifurina gets ordered around anyway.

Sallia comes by and finds that Fujisawa has escaped from his cell. Now she needs to kill him so Myune can be stopped. She has no physical form, so she needs a host body to control her movement. Fujisawa is the host, so killing him would stop her. Makoto protests because Fujisawa is his sensei. Miz absolutely did not need to hear that. To keep her away form Fujisawa, Shayla and Afura stand in front of Sallia. Shayla gets blasted again.

Fujisawa is stuck inside his mind, as he cannot control himself. So Myune and Fujisawa start conversing about why she did this. She explains about how the land has been suffering from all things horrible (war, fighting and the like), and that she was sent to destroy the machines, so the planet can be at peace. That would mean that many would die. He does not like this idea, but he can’t do anything because Myune took over his body.

Day 7 - Shumatsu wa no sekai El-Hazard (The End of El Hazard)

Sallia, Afura and Shayla are in combat. They are also in arguing as Sallia says that if she does not stop Fujisawa, El-Hazard will be destroyed. Shayla says that Makoto and Miz can fix the problem at hand.

Relief for the priestesses has arrived, as Jinnai came by with Ifurina. Shayla and Afura are surprised he came by… with Ifurina to boot. Jinnai calls her "Ifurita", and she protests its "Ifurina". He wanted to boast his success to Makoto… but he’s not there. Sallia reiterates that Ifurina must be destroyed, and Jinnai protests this also. Jinnai argue that Ifurina attacks, but she cries instead. Sallia was distracted, so they attacked her, and they resume fighting.

Makoto catches up to Fujisawa, trying to calm him down. He attacks Makoto, who survived because of the last-second catch by Ura. The Self Defense Mechanisms start going off in front of Fujisawa, so the area became too dangerous. He asked all but Miz (Fatora, Nanami and Alielle) to head for cover. They went after him.

Fujisawa and Myune have entered the final corridor that leads to the center of the palace. Fujisawa gets hit by the defenses and goes for the center door again. Before anything could happen, Makoto and Miz enter the room where he was. The defenses attack them, but Miz blocked it with her waterpower. Makoto tries to talk to Myune, asking her to let go of Fujisawa’s body. Myune reples that she still needs the body to finish up her mission to destroy the machines.

S/he breaks through the doors and found the core. Fujisawa has taken a lot of damage from the weaponry, so any further intrusion with him would be pathetic. She enters into the machine. Fujisawa was left with his body being severely wounded and unable to move. The turrets were activated inside the room. He would have been shot, but Miz blocked the blasts at the last second. She was sent reeling out of the room. Fujisawa wanted to help her, but he needs help himself. Makoto runs in and Fujisawa yells about Miz. He states that Miz is just unconscious.

There was rumbling as one by one, the machines were being destroyed. Everyone was feeling the destruction, even Sallia and Jinnai. She explains that the beginning of the end was finally happening. El-Hazard is going to be destroyed.

Day 8 - Saisei wa no sekai El-Hazard (The Regeneration of El-Hazard)

There was thunder and lightning outside like never seen before. This must truly be the end of the world.

The alarms are going off as each machine is shutting down for an indeterminate period of time. Makoto wants to help Fujisawa, but he has other plans. He tells Makoto to take Miz and get out of here. He plans to break this machine with his strength, stopping Myune and save El-Hazard, but there is one problem – he’s severely wounded and cannot do much. Makoto suggests that Fujisawa gets out with Miz and he tries to stop the machine using his special ability. Fujisawa thinks that is crazy because Makoto could get possessed, thus nothing else can be done. Makoto says that he is willing to take the risk. He enters the machine.

He searches around in the machine, looking for its soul (as it were). He finds Myune. Makoto wants to return the machine to normal, but Myune says it’s too late. The lives inside of her are wishing for the destruction of the machine lives that were in a war, for they have a hatred for this world. Makoto explains that the living should not be punished for the past. Myune thinks that humans will only cause atrocities again. She points out that there was another battle happening with the Eye of God and Ifurita (refer to Episode 7 of OAV 1 for more information). Makoto says that Ifurita saved everyone. Makoto has one chance at this. He starts activating a part of the machine that… causes a lot of pain to Myune, effectively stopping her. What it was, I have no idea. Maybe an anti-virus or deletion of a program.

Fujisawa was waiting for Makoto in the room. Makoto is exhausted. The machine is now back to normal, though.

The thunderstorm subsides and everything seems to be going back to normal. Sallia was surprised that Makoto had saved everyone without having to kill Fujisawa. Jinnai sneaked out with Ifurina in his possession. Fujisawa seems fine… and then Miz tells him wedding they were supposed to have will happen. Makoto asked if Sallia would like to come to Roshtaria, but she said "no" as she is needed to protect the machine so that El-Hazard can be rebuilt again. She then returns back into the palace, never to be found again by wandering eyes.

Let’s begin again. Makoto has saved the land. Now let’s get to the wedding again. What? Fujisawa ran off again? Well, so much for the wedding. Miz vows to find Fujisawa again. They were meant to be together after all… right?

Fujisawa is wondering around the mountainside once again, continuing to think about the wedding that he abandoned twice so far. He shouts across the land that he is sorry about it.

(The first time I heard this drama, I thought he had gone loco and shouted "Mizu-san" name across the land repeatedly.)

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