Jinnai's World Drama: Jason's Summaries


"Teiou heno michi sono dai 1 ho"

Meet Katsuhiko Jinnai, ruler of all El-Hazard. That is, if a certain somebody by the name of Makoto Mizuhara wasn't always standing in his way. Makoto is Jinnai's greatest rival and seems intent on foiling the great destiny of Jinnai.

But where did this rivalry start? Well, it has its roots many years ago, when Jinnai was just a student at Shinonome Elementary school. One day, his teacher introduced a new student who had moved to Shinonome City, Makoto Mizuhara.

From that point, Makoto was quick to become the teacher's favorite student, replacing Jinnai at being the one with the answers. Soon everyone wanted to be around this wonder boy, even Jinnai's own sister, Nanami. The pair would run off, leaving Jinnai behind, and when they returned they even had the audacity to eat the treats he had kept hidden for himself.

Makoto always seemed to be one step ahead of Jinnai, like when Makoto bought the robot model Jinnai had his eye on, even after Jinnai had taken the effort to break into Nanami's piggy bank to get the money necessary to buy said model.

And thus Jinnai realized that in order to be happy once again, he was going to have to remove such an obstacle and thus began a lifelong parade of failed attempts, such as almost drowning in an effort to attack Makoto underwater and the local swimming pool...

"Teiou heno michi sono dai 2 ho"

Jinnai the boy has grown up into Jinnai the teenager, but his obsession with Makoto is still as strong. He is not content to simply let Makoto have all the glory. Thus the Election for Student Council President seems like the perfect opportunity to prove his superiority over Makoto.

Jinnai campaigns like a man obsessed, ranting over a megaphone and coming up with such catchy slogans as "Vote for me... or BURN IN HELL!!!" This earns him a few reprimands from the election officials.

However, it seems like everyone is out to get him and prevent his glorious rise to power. His own sister conducts a scathing interview that the entire school hears. Things look grim.

But then help arrives in the most unlikely of sources. Makoto ends up taking pity of the depressed Jinnai and actually helps Jinnai get elected! Jinnai, shocked at his election, gives a moving acceptance speech that quickly degenerates into evil laughter. That is not a good sign...

It would seem that while Makoto's help was tremendous, the number of shady deals that Jinnai worked out with various sports clubs was even more instrumental in Jinnai's Election. Too bad, Makoto just overheard some incriminating conversations between Jinnai and a club president.

Jinnai is infuriated that Makoto knows and vows to save his presidency... and we all know how that turned out...

"Teiou heno michi sono dai 3 ho"

Now in El-Hazard, Jinnai is the chosen Messiah of the Bugrom Empire. Jinnai has thousands of adoring Bugrom followers who cheer their lord and master.

However, Jinnai knows that Makoto is still standing in his way over total conquest! Thus him and Diva need a truly brilliant and most foul plan. Jinnai calls forth Katsuo/Groucho and sends forth his loyal Bugrom on an important mission... kidnap Makoto Mizuhara!

Jinnai and Diva share drinks and discuss their plan. Katsuo/Groucho returns and announces success in his mission! Jinnai is overjoyed to hear this and goes quickly to meet with his prisoner for some well deserved gloating...

...until he gets to the cells and sees that Katsuo/Groucho has screwed up royally and instead of kidnapping Makoto, he has kidnapped Alielle!

As for the Alielle, she seems more infatuated with Diva instead of being afraid of Jinnai. A fact that both perturbs Diva and infuriates Jinnai. Why can't he have a prisoner who will act like one?

"Teiou heno michi sono dai 4 ho"

Jinnai is preparing for Makoto's ultimate defeat. His mighty Bugrom flyer approaches his foes and Makoto and Nanami find themselves powerless as Jinnai holds the scared Alielle prisoner. Jinnai laughs in triumph!

He continues to laugh, until Alielle joins in with her own psychotic laughter and breaks him out of his rather pleasant daydream...

Portions of this page originally belonged to The Wanderers' Guide to El-Hazard: The Magnificent world, co-authored by Jason Bertovich (Makoto) and Aaron Ziegler (Spanner).

The original page is no longer available on-line.
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