OVA OST 1 Drama: Jason's Summaries


Drama Track: Miz Mishtal

It's time to introduce our first Great Priestess, but actually, she would rather do it herself. Miz Mishtal introduces herself as the Great Priestess of Water and describes how she is one of three such priestesses.

It looks like we're in store for "A Day in the Life of a Muldoon Priestess." An alarm clock goes off and Miz grumpily turns it off. She then chides the other two for not awakening along with her, but Afura moans tiredly, and Shayla continues to snore.

Well, after everyone is awake (sort of), perhaps a dip in a mountain stream will help everyone wake up. The cold water invigorates them, but soon a splash fight ensues which turns into a loud argument between Shayla and Afura, which Miz tries to, unsuccessfully, break up.

Well, after using all that energy just to get up and ready, perhaps meditation on the mountain will help calm everyone's nerves. Miz and Afura use the time to talk. After a while, they notice that Shayla has been very quiet. No wonder, she's fallen asleep again.

Mealtime! The Priestesses enjoy a hearty meal, but even the dinner table isn't safe from arguments. Oh well, no one said that a Priestess' life was perfect...

Drama Track: Afura Mann

It's time for Afura Mann to introduce herself formally as the Great Priestess of Wind, one of three such elemental priestesses.

Suddenly we are assaulted with the hysterical ranting of a woman, whom Afura formally introduces as her fellow sister Miz Mishtal.

Up on a mountain, we hear a woman muse to herself and Afura introduces this woman as Shayla-Shayla, another Great Priestess.

Afura proceeds to talk about one a time that she and Shayla were together on a mountain lake. Shayla sings and the echo carries her voice. Afura seems more interested in her fishing. The two get to talking about things when Shayla's line gets a bite. Excited, she reels in her fish, but it gets away. Infuriated, Shayla is not intent on letting this one get away. Unfortunately, in her blind anger, she manages to capsize the boat and sends both her and Afura into the cold and frigid water.

Later, the two sit around a fire trying to dry their clothes and warm their bodies. Afura chides her sister for such foolish actions. Shayla sings again letting her echo carry across the lake.

Suddenly, they hear splashing near their site. It appears that their fish is back. As the pair fight to bring in this elusive creature, they once again manage to go into the cold, cold water. Oh well...

Drama Track: Shayla Shayla

Let's meet our third priestess! She introduces herself as Shayla-Shayla, the Great Priestess of Fire, one of three such powerful and sage elemental priestesses.

We find ourselves eavesdropping on the other priestesses again. This time, we catch Miz engaged in the childhood game of "He Love me... He loves me not..." However, things are not going well as she gets more and more flustered as she picks away petals. When she gets "He loves me not..." she goes ballistic. Shayla talks about her slightly flighty sister as Miz tries again with another flower.

Shayla then meets up with Afura and the pair talk. The conversation turns to two people from Earth, Makoto Mizuhara and Nanami Jinnai. Shayla asks Afura about these two people and Afura gives the best explanation she can. It appears that this Makoto boy has some sort of hold on our Fire Priestess.

Shayla then meets up with Makoto who appears happy enough to see her. However, Shayla is a jangled mess of nerves and can't seem to put two sentences together. Makoto doesn't quite grasp what Shayla wants and frustrated, she ends up punching the boy out.

Afura chides Shayla's behavior. Who should come around then, but one Nanami Jinnai. Their rivalry becomes apparent as each go a little shy when the word "Makoto" comes up.

However, Shayla is not one to be beaten and she resolves to tell Makoto what is on her mind, especially before Nanami can.

Once again Makoto and Shayla meet up. Things don't go well, as Makoto apparently inserts his foot into his mouth once again (at least from Shayla's perspective) and for a second time, Makoto is punched out by the angry priestess.

Shayla storms away in a huff, leaving Nanami to yell out after her. Some things will probably never change.

Portions of this page originally belonged to The Wanderers' Guide to El-Hazard: The Magnificent world, co-authored by Jason Bertovich (Makoto) and Aaron Ziegler (Spanner).

The original page is no longer available on-line.
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